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North West Branch: 2011

It has been a very busy year for the branch and the committee members. We have met regularly throughout the year and have had very productive meetings at which we have made an active contribution to our members in the area, the Society and the wider public. 

We welcomed a number of new members at the beginning of, and during, the year, many of whom have gone on to become very actively involved in our branch activities. Chris Lynch, one of our newer members has now taken over the role as shadow web administrator so that our current web administrator, who is also our newsletter editor, can share this role.  

Jenna Condie has done a sterling job of resurrecting the newsletter of old and turning it into a new and much improved e-newsletter. Combining her two roles as web administrator and newsletter editor she has produced a very dynamic online version that can be downloaded from the BPS Northwest homepage. In addition this will be emailed out to all BPSNW members on our distribution lists. This up to date version contains articles, discussion and book reviews that will be of interest to a wide audience 

The branch was also pleased to sponsor the annual PSYPAG conference held earlier this year. We provided funds for a variety of activities through our ‘Gold’ level sponsorship. Our thanks also go to Alyson Blanchard our PsyPag representative for helping to organising this event.

We have a café style event planned in the next few weeks designed to bring psychology to the non-psychologist. This is a series of events, the first of which is entitled ‘In those shoes? Exploring women’s identities through footwear’, given by Dr Viv Burr from Huddersfield University.  Many thanks to Ming Wai Wan for her primary lead with these exciting talks. 

The committee has a very busy year ahead and joint events are planned with the North East branch in the form of a one day conference centred around an Olympic related theme. We plan to hold further events for schools and colleges as well as strengthen links with the British Association Science Alliance with whom we have contributed to in the past. 

It remains for me to thank all members of the branch and the committee who have worked so hard during the year. Particular thanks are due to Polly Sangar, our branch secretary, who despite having a very busy life of her own has given up her valuable time to organise and support the work of the branch so well. Thanks are also due to Mike Berry, our treasurer, who makes sure the books are balanced and the bills paid. I would also like to thank all members of the branch who give up their time freely to support the valuable work we do. It has been a pleasure to work with you all and I wish you all the best for 2012. 

Tina Buxton, Chair