Young people passive with social media

Young people often take a passive approach with regard to their involvement in social media. This is according to new research from Nordicom at Gothenburg University, which found most youngsters tend to browse the internet rather than add their own content to it.

The study revealed that while 68 per cent of 15 to 24-year-olds in Sweden use social networking sites such as Facebook, just four per cent upload their own videos and only nine per cent post blogs.

It was also demonstrated that almost 90 per cent of all Swedish individuals in this age bracket turn to social media on a daily basis - a markedly higher percentage than the 75 per cent who watch television every day.

And it appears young people are eager to stay connected with friends when they are out and about, as the poll showed more than 60 per cent of them use a smartphone in order to communicate through social media.

Dr Melanie Ackers, an educational psychologist, comments:

"The statistics found by the study are not surprising and only further demonstrate the technological world that our children and young people are growing up in.

"Smart phones and computers are no longer seen as a luxury but a necessity and a life-line to their friends and society. Whether browsing or adding information to sites such as Facebook it is vital that children and young people are educated in the importance of appropriate use of such sites and possible consequences of acting in inappropriate ways. Social boundaries are often crossed far easier when communicating through text and the send button can be clicked without thought of the repercussions.

"The research highlights that the use of technology is only going to increase and therefore it needs to be both monitored and managed to ensure it is used and accessed in positive and meaningful ways by all users."