Young employees feel more stress

A new report has indicated that younger people feel more stress at work when compared to older employees, according to research by agency GfK NOP Engage, which polled more than 1,000 people and found that two-fifths of those aged between 18 and 29 said they feel stress in the workplace.

This compares to just one out of every four of the respondents over the age of 60.

Sukhi Ghataore, Director at GfK NOP Engage, said firms could regret viewing younger employees as "expendable".

She said: "We have a recognised ageing population and so the younger generations are becoming exponentially more important in the workplace, as well as to the nation."

The poll also found that 39 per cent of employees believe their boss is asking them to do more work as a result of the recession.

Professor Gail Kinman, a Chartered Psychologist, said: "Previous studies have found that middle-aged people tend to experience the highest levels of workplace stress. This study suggests that younger people may be bearing the brunt of economic recovery.

"Younger employers may feel less empowered than older workers to challenge unreasonable requests from their employers. The negative impact of workplace stress on physical and psychological health, as well as job performance and creativity has been well established.

"It is therefore vital for employers to nurture their junior staff and help them develop effective stress management strategies."