Would you cheat to help a charity?

An elegant new study discussed on our Research Digest has provided a demonstration of the way that, for most people, right and wrong aren't clear cut. Instead, the research shows people look for ways to justify their financial cheating, probably to maintain their perception of themselves as essentially good.

it is really great to research on such topics as they are very much less researched in deed. People are very much confused with the concept of right and wrong. They do many things which are actually wrong but they justify them and believe they are right.
A killer or a theif even justify his action in the light of right cause. There are thousand examples to quote in this sense. We believe we are always right !. Our trivial conepts are very strong to change or to eliminate. Even when we think we are at fault, in our unconciousness we think we are victim of bad luck. we think we were not the same if we were taken differently. So in every circumstance , we never ever think we are wrong! Basically it is self esteem that is very supportive and necessary for our well being and existence. We are destined to survive whether we like it or not.
Here, it is very important to recognize our crimes and bad habits to become a good human at first stage of morality. We must understand what is lesser crime and what is bigger one. we must understand rules of society and rules of humanity. We must understand what is wrong justification of conepts we have.
It will be a kind of war between good and bad instincts in us but it must be carried on to our best future.
dr mona