Would The Bluebirds play better in red?

The owners of Cardiff City Football Club abandoned plans to change the club’s kit from blue to red after an outcry from fans.

But would making that changes have helped the team on the pitch? Chartered Psychologist Dr Iain Greenlees thinks it just might:

“The idea that kit colour can have a subtle, yet potentially important, impact in sport is not new, nor is it one that is reserved for sport psychologists. Bill Shankly famously decided to change the Liverpool Football Club kit to all-red due to the belief that it made the team look bigger and more intimidating.”

Dr Greenlees points that research has begun to provide support for the view that wearing red can confer a performance advantage on teams and individuals:

“Research has shown that in sports where competitors are randomly assigned to wearing either red or blue (for example in martial arts sports at the Olympic Games), the individuals who wear red are more likely to win the bout.

“And research on football has shown that players who wear red are perceived more positively than those who wear white. So, on these grounds, it would appear that changing kit colour may be worth considering.”