World Mental Health Day: Share your news

EFPA – the European Federation of Psychologists’ Association – is asking people to share their activities for World Mental Health Day by publishing them directly on to its Facebook page.

Professor Dr Robert Roe, the President of EFPA, says:

"The overwhelming prevalence of mental health problems creates enormous burden for our societies, families and individuals.

"EFPA would like to encourage its 35 national Member Associations to contribute to higher prioritisation of mental health at European and national levels. EFPA actively took part in the implementation of the European Pact for Mental and Well-being, its experts were participating in the conferences, were invited as speakers, and contributed by preparing the position paper Mental health and wellbeing at the workplace – What psychology tells us to the fifth conference on Workplace Mental Health.

"EFPA welcomes the conclusions on ‘The European Pact for Mental Health and Well-being: results and future‘ adopted by the Council of European Union earlier this year and invites its members to give it pubic attention and use it as an advocacy tool.

"We would also to inform you that the European Social Network has launched its latest report Mental Health and Wellbeing in Europe: A person-centred community approach in the European Parliament on 21 September 2011."