Women's progression in the workplace

A television show is to look at reasons why women rarely reach the top in the business world. BBC Two's Hilary Devey's Women at the Top sees Coventry University Professor and Chartered Psychologist, Rosalind Searle offering her thoughts on the subject.

According to Professor Searle, who works as a Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Psychology at the learning institute's Business School, it could be women themselves - rather than a glass ceiling - preventing females claiming the best jobs in the industry.

She said: "All the evidence demonstrates that women are not less risky than their male counterparts and promotes more transparent organisations - all they lack are opportunities and confidence."

Among the topics discussed by Professor Searle are maternity leave practices, the genderisation of job adverts and companies themselves, female leadership styles and childcare costs in the UK.

The first part is to air on BBC Two on 6 September, with the second part airing a week later on 13 September. It's presented by Dragon's Den entrepreneur Hilary Devey, who suggests women are failing to reach the top due to a lack of effort.

To coincide with the programme, two conferences, sponsored by the Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology and Coventry University, were organised by Professor Searle and Hazel Stevenson, the Division's Vice Chair, to look at the progress being made by boards of FTSE 100 companies in achieving their aim of 25% female representation by 2015.

You can find videos, podcasts and presentations from the first event on the Division's Women at the Top webpage.