Women wear jeans when depressed

Denim jeans are the most commonly worn item of clothing by women when feeling depressed. This is the finding of new research from the University of Hertfordshire, which suggested a person's choice of attire is strongly influenced by their mood.

And in the case of females, their emotional state is a key factor in their dress decisions - with jeans being the preferred legwear for many ladies when feeling low.

Professor Karen Pine, co-author of Flex: Do Something Different and a member of the British Psychological Society, discovered that women also tend to opt for a baggy top while depressed.

However, just six per cent claimed they would select their favourite dress when in this state of mind, while 62 per cent said they might choose such a number if they were feeling happy.

Professor Pine noted many of the participants in the study believed they could change their mood by switching their getup, adding: "This demonstrates the psychological power of clothing and how the right choices could influence a person's happiness."

Karen Pine blogs at Sheconomics.