Women prefer pet talk to partner talk

Women talk about their pets more than their partner, new research has shown. Carried out by petnet360, the study revealed nearly 60 per cent of females are more likely to discuss their dog when conversing with friends or colleagues.

According to the investigation, 70 per cent of girls questioned said they think of their animal as one the family, compared to just 51 per cent of men who answered the same.

In addition, it was discovered that 52 per cent of female dog lovers find having their pooch in tow makes them feel most confident when meeting others - markedly more than the 23 per cent who said similar regarding being in the company of friends.

Dr Ceri Parsons, a Chartered Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in psychology at Staffordshire University, said: "Sharing stories about our pets allows us to validate our experiences of unqualified love and ensures the dog remains woman's best friend."