Woman's Hour on emotion at work

Professor Gail Kinman was on the BBC Radio 4 programme Woman’s Hour yesterday (20 June) to discuss her research into emotion at work.

Gail, who is Professor of Occupational Health Psychology at the Universty of Bedfordshire, spoke about the way that we are all obliged to undertake ‘emotional labour’ – feigning emotions we do not have or suppressing inappropriate ones that we do have – in our working lives. She suggested that women are more likely to work in occupations, such as those in the caring professions, where more of this labour is required.

Taking part in a discussion with Vanessa Vallely, who runs a website and support network for women working in banking and finance, she also spoke about crying at work. She argued that

There was also some discussion of the use of fake tears as a tactic at work. Professor Kinman mentioned a survey in which many people reported having come across this, but none admitted to having used it themselves.

You can listen to this edition of Woman's Hour via BBC iPlayer for the next week.