Why people rewatch their favourite films

People choose to rewatch films and listen to music over and over again because of the guaranteed outcomes of these actions, a new study has suggested. Published in the Journal of Consumer Research, the investigation revealed individuals enjoy reruns due to the enhanced viewing resulting from repeated actions.

Cristel Russell, American University Professor of Marketing, demonstrated people also look forward to the prospect of rediscovering subtle details they may have forgotten about.

Ms Russell stated: "We determined that re-consumption behaviours serve five main purposes - regressive, progressive, reconstructive, relational and reflective."

The investigators found individuals repeat actions such as reading the same book or returning to a music album multiple times for more complex reasons than simply the nostalgia associated with them.

Ms Russell observed the motivations for people to take the time out of their hectic schedules to do the same activity over and over again are "deep-seated and poignant".

Dr Victoria Williamson comments: "Nostalgia has both a retroactive and proactive element: Music can provide a dose of desired emotions and memories that are frozen in time, but in so doing can also trigger reflection in comparison to our current life state". 

"Listening to music is a learning experience and no-one takes in everything on their first attempt. Over repeated exposures our musical memory builds a scaffold upon which we slowly add the fine intricate details that contribute to our pleasure".