Why some women choose bad boys

The oft-asked question of why some women go for bad boys has been answered by procreation means. A new study from the University of Texas at San Antonio has shown that nice guys finish last at times when females are thinking about family life.

Kristina Durante, Assistant Professor of Marketing at the learning institute's College of Business, noted hormones linked to ovulation can play a key role in shaping a woman's views on certain men and their potential as fathers.

Ms Durante observed previous research has shown girls are attracted to sexy and rebellious men - such as real-life Hollywood star George Clooney or fictional spy James Bond - around the time of menstruation, but it has so far not been known why they long for relationships with these characters.

She stated: "Under the hormonal influence of ovulation, women delude themselves into thinking that the sexy bad boys will become devoted partners and better dads."

Dr Pauline Rennie-Peyton, a Chartered Psychologist, adds: "I too consider it to be delusional to think bad boys will be better dads.  The reality is they are more easily available for impregnation and less likely to worry about contraception."