We fund a new film: The Connected Baby

The Society has funded a new film created by research psychologist Suzanne Zeedyk. Entitled The Connected Baby, the movie looks at how newborn babies are linked to other people from a very young age.

Speaking to Nursery World, Dr Zeedyk - an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Dundee, which became an independent institution in 1967 - explained children are quickly tuned in to the body rhythms of others, as well as their movements and vocal tones, which enables them to become more communicative than often assumed.

The first film is organised into different chapters that consider interaction as a rhythmic form comparable to dancing, because people need to read each other in order to communicate.

These segments are The Dance of Connection, The Dance of the Nappy, The Dance of the Air, The Dance of the Big Sister and The Dance of the Mirror.

Ms Zeedyk added: "I hope the film will empower, excite and teach people that babies are people from birth and are communicative and engaged."