Rooney reveals his visualising techniques

Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United and England footballer, has given an insight into some of the psychological techniques he uses before a game to boost his performance on the pitch. Speaking to ESPN, the striker revealed he has used a form of visualisation since childhood in order to improve his likelihood of scoring.

The England star - who is expected to turn out for his country in this summer's European Championships after being selected for the squad by manager Roy Hodgson - explained he lies in bed the night before a game and pictures himself hitting the back of the net.

"You're trying to put yourself in that moment and trying to prepare yourself, to have a 'memory' before the game," Rooney added.

Douglas MacDonald from the University of Sirling said:

"The night before matches, Wayne Rooney practises seeing himself successfully scoring goals in the exact setting that he will face the next day. The attention to detail is important and he even goes as far as to ask the kit man what colour they will be wearing so that he can give himself the most realistic image to practise.

"By seeing himself being successful in his mind, he is increasing his confidence in that particular skill of shooting, which could be a critical factor in whether or not he scores on match day."