Video game myths to be discussed in Sheffield

Tonight (Wednesday 20 July) the latest in the popular Psychology in the Pub series of talks will be taking place at the Showcase Cafe Bar in Sheffield, starting at 19:30.

Dr Simon Goodson from the University of Huddersfield will present a topical talk that exposes the facts and fiction surrounding video games so that we can all sleep soundly at night.

In particular, he will discuss media presentation of the case of Devin Moore, an 18-year-old from Fayette, Alabama, with no previous criminal record. On 7 June 2003 he was taken to Fayette police station on suspicion of stealing a car. As he was booked he grabbed the officerʼs handgun and shot him twice, once in the head. As another police officer responded to the sound of gunshots Devin shot him three times, one shot hitting the officer in the head. As Devin made his way out he shot the 911-dispatcher, in the head, he then left the station by stealing a police car.

Dr Goodson says: "Devinʼs defence was that he was acting out a mission from Grand Theft Auto, a video game. The media would have us believe that Devinʼs actions were the result of playing video games for hours, isolated from society, however, over 35 million copies of Grand Theft Auto have been sold worldwide."