Unsung Heroes report on Service families

More research is needed into the impact that mental ill health in the armed forces has on the families of military personnel. According to a report from the Centre for Mental Health, relatives of those deployed to the front line require better support to help them cope with the psychological and emotional impact of such absences.

Entitled Unsung Heroes, the study also suggested more focus is placed on domestic violence and the misuse of alcohol with regard to the partners and children of those fighting for their country.

Supported by the charity Combat Stress and the Royal British Legion, the report urged considerations be made not only for the psychological wellbeing of the soldiers themselves, but also those they hold near and dear.

Sean Duggan, chief executive at the Centre for Mental Health, stated: "It's vital that this kind of research is undertaken as soon as possible and that we evaluate the existing support to ensure that Service families get the help they need."