Unemployed people likely to be depressed

Unemployed people are more likely to be depressed than otherwise similar individuals who have a job. This is according to Professor David Fryer, Chartered Psychologist and Fellow of the British Psychological Society, whose comments were featured as an afterthought to an article in The Atlantic that noted recent research shows building a 'happynomics' theory is not a simple process.

The reports looked at the Better Life Index - which calculates the wellbeing of countries based on factors such as income and life satisfaction and is produced by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development - and found the results to be overly subjective, as different people often do not have the same values.

Professor Fryer, however, pointed out there is plenty of evidence of a strong link between being out of work and feeling miserable.

He stated: "Longitudinal research has also persuaded most researchers in the field that unemployment causes depression and other negative psychological consequences."