UK Sport aiming for top four spot on the Olympic medals table

The UK's high-performance sport agency UK Sport has confirmed its goal to be in the top four on the Olympic medal table. This means the nation's overall target is to receive at least 48 medals from a minimum of 12 different events.

Chair of the organisation Baroness Sue Campbell CBE stated this confidence is thanks to the government and National Lottery's backing, which have provided enough support to keep these ambitions - which are equal to the Beijing 2008 Games - on track.

These intentions were set out in 2006, when the government stated there would be increased investment for athletes in preparation for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, with funding coming from the Exchequer, private sector and National Lottery.

Society member Douglas MacDonald of Stirling University commented that modern-day sport psychology encourages competitors to concentrate on the controllable processes of their training and performance.

He explained: "Research has shown that the more successful athletes will focus on executing all of the processes correctly which in turn will give them the greatest opportunity to achieve the goal that they most desire."