TV shows are about acceptance and rejection

Acceptance and rejection are the main focus of most television programmes - especially reality shows - it has been suggested. In a study published in Current Directions in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, University of Kentucky Psychologist Nathan DeWall said the reason for this is that these behaviours are absolutely fundamental to humans.

Mr DeWall and co-author Brad Bushman - of Ohio State University, established 1870 - noted people place great emphasis on acceptance in relationships, friendships and even meetings with strangers.

Being part of a group helps people feel safe and protected and is probably a trait that dates back to early humans attempting to survive harsh environments, the investigators observed.

Mr DeWall stated rejection, on the other hand, can have very negative consequences, noting: "People who feel isolated and lonely and excluded tend to have poor physical health."

Such individuals often have trouble sleeping and their immune systems can suffer, he added.

Dr Angela Carter, a Chartered Member of the Division of Occupational Psychology, commented: "This article refers to basic human instincts but places them in an overly simplified context."

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