Think like a winner: Sports psychologists to speak at the Cheltenham Science Festival

Three Chartered Psychologists are running a session under the title ‘Going for Gold: Think like a winner’ at the Cheltenham Science Festival on 14 June.

Professor David Lavallee, Marc Jones and Iain Greenlees will explore how athletes respond to and prepare for the stress of competition.

Professor Lavallee says:

“Imagine… you’ve done your training, stuck to your diet and you feel physically ready to compete at the Olympics. But how will you cope with the emotional and psychological pressures? Will your nerves help or hinder your performance? How will you react if you’re standing next to the bookies’ favourite at the starting line.”

For much more about sports psychologist and the Olympics, including a video of Professor Lavallee introducing our free virtual journal issue on sports psychology, see the Society’s Going for Gold portal.

The Cheltenham Science Festival was first held in 2002 and has grown to become one of the most significant of its kind in Britain.