Think like a winner: Chartered Psychologists to reveal all at Cheltenham Science Festival

With the Olympics on the horizon, elite sportsmen and women across Britain are making their final preparations for the biggest sporting event in the world.

In their Society sponsored talk, ‘Going For Gold: Think Like A Winner’ which takes place on Thursday 14 June at 2pm at the Cheltenham Science Festival, Chartered Psychologists, Professor David Lavellee, Dr Marc Jones and Dr Iain Greenlees will delve into the mind of an elite athlete and look at what it takes to succeed.

Professor Lavellee, of Stirling University, said: “Athletes have worked tirelessly to physically prepare for the Olympics. We will be exploring how they mentally prepare for the biggest stage of them all.

Dr Jones, of Staffordshire University, added: “In London 2012 the Team GB competitors will benefit from a home advantage and I will be explaining why some sports will benefit more than others.  Also, competing at home brings with it a unique pressure and I will be discussing what type of strategies the team GB competitors can use to help deal with this pressure”.

Dr Greenlees, of the University of Chichester, said: “Is it really possible that we can influence the behaviour and performance of our sporting opponents through such things as the way in which we stand, the way in which we look at them and the colour of our sports kit?

“Sporting folklore is full of claims concerning how athletes’ body language and other non-verbal communication may have influenced their opponents but what does science say?

“In this presentation, I will explore the theory behind such claims and the extent to which sport psychology research supports these claims. In doing so, I will present a range of research findings that indicate that very subtle forms of non-verbal communication could be used to influence our opponents.”

For further details of this event, including how you can book a place, visit the Cheltenham Science Festival website.

You can learn more about role of psychology in sports on our new Going for Gold website.