There is still time to register for our Annual Conference in London, 18-20 April

The Society's Annual Conference attracts academics, researchers and practitioners from around the world. As well as top keynote speakers and presentations on recent research, it includes our Award Ceremony and a competition for the best poster presentation.

This year’s event takes place at the Grand Connaught Rooms, London WC2, 18-20 April 2012. If you were intending to go but have not registered yet, there is still time: please telephone our conference office.

Our 2012 Annual Conference also brings together our Division of Sport & Exercise Psychology, Qualitative Methods in Psychology Section and Division for Teachers and Researchers in Psychology for their own annual conferences. The Society’s Student Conference is also being held at the Grand Connaught Rooms. 

We hope this event will be a celebration of all that is great about British psychology in this landmark year for London. You can download the conference programme from this website.

Our themes for 2012 are:


  • The psychology of participation in sports and exercise
  • The psychology of violence and conflict
  • Language and communication
  • Psychology for the public and private sectors


Reviewing last year’s BPS Annual Conference Catherine Gardner, then a postgraduate student at the University of Leeds, said:

“The conference consisted of six parallel sessions of talks over three days. There was a variety of formats within these including symposiums, presentations and debates. This allowed me to experience a range of presentation styles and learn about the different ways in which academic information can be presented ... 

“The general atmosphere of the conference was professional yet relaxed. The conference staff were friendly and approachable and there were lots of opportunities for discussion with other delegates.”