Talking nicely to yourself 'really works'

People who talk nicely to themselves could find the activity brings them plenty of benefits, the comments of one expert have suggested.

Paul Gilbert - a Chartered Psychologist and a Fellow of the British Psychological Society who is soon to be awarded an OBE for his work in the field - said being compassionate to one's self is what humans are "designed for".

The specialist was speaking after Think TV, a non-profit psychological media company, announced it is launching its Talking Nicely to Themselves event in April - a seven-day online programme that seeks to educate individuals with regards to the necessary skills they need in order to treat themselves better.

Professor Gilbert explained that people's brains are equipped with a natural antidote to self criticism, observing: "It's what we call the self-soothing mechanism ... All of us have the ability to soothe ourselves we just need to know how to access it."

Recent information obtained by the BBC found a link between a rise in depression levels in the UK and the current unstable economic climate - suggesting now could be a good time for people to start treating themselves that little bit better.