Take a detatched view of your own anger

People feeling themselves getting angry should try to 'self-distance' themselves from the situation in order to quell their aggression. This is the suggestion of new research from Ohio State University, which found the simple strategy - in which individuals pretend to view the scene from a distance - helps them to try and understand their feelings.

In this way, adults are able to act as an observer in a stressful scenario as opposed to a participant.

Dominik Mischkowski, a graduate student in psychology at the learning institute, noted people should try to see themselves in such situations in much the same way as a fly on the wall might.

Mr Mischkowski noted: "The secret is to not get immersed in your own anger and, instead, have a more detached view."

According to the authors, the study is the first to indicate self-distancing can be an effective approach in the heat of the moment, when tempers are running at their highest.  

Clinical Psychologist and Nutritional Advisor Dr Funke Baffour, a Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, commented: "Anger is natural emotion. However, people can develop negative coping strategies that can be physically and emotionally unhealthy.

"It is how an individual manages their reaction to an episode of anger that should be the focal point. What makes a person angry is not necessarily the actual event but the perceptions an individual may hold. 

"Therefore a strategy that focuses on how an individual can change their perception would be key to any anger management intervention."

Hi. Everybody knows anger is a strong emotion and it can be used both ways: positive and negative. Without having anger one cannot be a fully human being. Otherthan its harmful side effects we must know that it is very essential emotion in certain circumstances like watiching cruelty, cheating, criminal activity, assault, abuses, disgraces, etc. Even when we need to develop our relationships we need it like in love, intimicy, and affection related events where our little anger shows our concern to other party and without it we confirm our indifferent behavior to our counterparts. This debate is basically debate of perception that is key to any anger management intervention[as said by Dr Baffour]. In real life situations, we simply have no time to think about all that stuff to handle our anger at right time. There must be some attitude behind our perception of anger that needs to change what i think. If we think we are loose temper person then we react like that. If we think we are cool and calm in most of the situations, then we will behave same. Similarly we need to dig our concept behind our perception of anger and then modify it according to our needs. Anger is an energy that can be utilized further and can be removed for ever for our sake. It all depends on our time specific needs and hopes. thanks Dr Mona