Submissions sought on the psychology of peacekeeping

The British Psychological Society’s Wessex Branch is widening the brief for its fifth Military Psychology Conference by seeking papers on stabilisation and peacekeeping.

‘Fragile States and Global Instability: Responding to the Consequences; Stabilisation and Peacekeeping’ will be held at the Ark Conference Centre, Basingstoke, on Wednesday 2 November 2016.

It will bring together researchers and practitioners from a range of disciplines to share emerging research and good practice.

This year’s conference will have a more global and strategic theme and explore the psychology of people living in fragile states as well as if those working to provide stabilisation and peacekeeping activities.

You can already view the list of keynote speakers and facilitators.

Sue Roberts from the conference’s organising committee says:

“We are not forgetting our link to military personnel, veterans and their families.  While we were preparing last year’s conference the Ebola crisis was in the headlines. It struck us that this must create different strains and stresses for the families of those deployed to such crises.

The conference has always had both a strong academic and a strong applied input, and we hope this will continue. We also encourage input from other professional bodies, not just psychologists, to inform the work of those attending the conference and assist in developing strategies.”

Stabilisation and peacekeeping activities support populations living in fragile states that are entering, enduring or emerging from conflict in order to prevent or reduce violence as well as protect the population and prepare for social and economic development.

These activities can involve a range of organisations including government departments and disaster relief charities.

Psychological research and practice from across a range of disciplines and professions can help us understand how to address the psychological impact on military and civilian personnel who deliver these activities as well as the impact of instability on the people who live in fragile states.

If you are interested in presenting at the conference, please make your submission by Sunday 31 July 2016 via the online submission system.