The Society's student roadshow is a success

As part of the Society’s student roadshow campaign to engage with members, we have been visiting universities that run accredited programmes in order to meet with students and staff. 

From Glasgow University to the University of Plymouth and many more in between, we have been spreading the message about the many benefits of belonging to our Society. 

This has provided the opportunity for students to come and meet staff, learn about our resources, support networks and services available to them as a Student Member of the Society and ask any questions they might have about careers in psychology. 

Feedback from these visits has been overwhelmingly positive and we hope to support more universities in the future with promoting both careers in psychology, and the benefits of student membership.

Taking part in the University of Roehampton’s Department of Psychology Student Conference has been a particular highlight, with the Society’s Director of Membership Support and Services awarding the Student’s Choice Prize for the most inspirational project or poster designed by a final year psychology student.

The day also saw an award presented to BSc Psychology and Counselling student Paul Ryan who was set an assignment to prepare submitted an “Ethics Dos and Don'ts Guide”. The assignment was based on BPS ethics guidelines and their experiences of participating in student research studies. Paul produced a video capturing these credentials.  

Senior Lecturer, Dr Marcia Worrell said: “The mode of submission was 'open' in the sense that students could use any medium to communicate key messages about ethics to their peers.  This gave rise to websites, booklets, PowerPoint presentations, films and songs.

“We had some really great responses and the students enjoyed doing it.  For us, Paul's submission really stood out which is why we felt him to be a worthy prize winner.” 

As part of the his prize Paul was rewarded with a certificate, a year’s complementary Student membership and the opportunity to showcase his winning video on our website

Paul notes: “The video was a great opportunity to display good ethical practice as outlined by The British Psychological Society as well as incorporating my own personal experiences and imagination.”