Stress affects people in different ways

Stress can affect people in different ways, with such feelings caused by a number of various factors. This is according to Professor Marie Johnston, Emeritus Professor of Health Psychology at the University of Aberdeen  who was speaking in response to new figures from the Health and Safety Executive. Professor Johnston is a Chartered Psychologist and an Honorary Member of the British Psychological Society.

According to the statistics, more than 10 million working days are lost in Britain as a result of work-related stress, with each individual case averaging 30 days away from the job - costing society around £5 billion each year.

Professor Johnston - who has provided a talk on the subject alongside Senior Lecturer in Primary Care at the University Dr Peter Murchie as part of the institute's Cafe Med series - stated: "Some people can get weepy, others can get worked up, while stress causes other people to feel worn out."

Dr Murchie added a number of life events can serve to trigger stress, including family breakdown, moving house, unemployment, illness and the death of a loved one.