Stormont event on Pathways to Justice

'Pathways to Justice' is the title of the Division of Forensic Psychology (N. Ireland) Branch lecture, to be held at Stormont on 13 December 2011. The Justice Minister David Ford will open the event to an audience of criminal justice policy makers, pratcitioners and psychologists.

Dr Bill Lockhart, retired CEO of the Youth Justice Agency will speak about the need for a holistic approach to offender assessment and interventions in the early identification and early intervention of young people in Northern Ireland as a way of diverting them away from the Criminal Justice System.

Dr Lockhart will draw on best practice and the psychological research on what works best for young people, and reference to the DOJ Strategy for Reducing Offending.

With the current emphaisis on building a safer society, this lecture will look at the values and options within the Criminal Justice System in building confidence in work with offenders