Staffordshire University psychologist's outstanding contribution honoured

Dr Mark Forshaw, deputy director of the Centre for Health Psychology at Staffordshire University, has received an award from the Society’s Division of Health Psychology.

The Division’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Advancement of Health Psychology is made each year to a psychologist who not only has an outstanding record of personal achievements but has also made significant contributions to the promotion and advancement of health psychology.

Dr Forshaw says: “It’s great feeling to have been given this award. And it means a lot to be recognised by your peers. The award itself is only in its second year so, out of more than 1500 DHP members, I’m only the second to receive it, which is a great honour.”

The award recognises Dr Forshaw’s extensive work in helping to train health psychologists and supervisors over the past 10 years.

Dr Forshaw chairs the Society’s Health Psychology Qualifications Board and is a member of the Division of Health Psychology’s Training Committee. He has also sat on Division’s Executive twice and is Chair of the Society’s Qualifications Standards Committee.

In addition to his own research and publications, Dr Forshaw has written many articles relevant to the development of health psychology in the UK. He is also editing a book on the state of the discipline.

He says: “I started my career as a cognitive psychologist but moved into health and joined at the time that the DHP was starting up.

“I wanted to make a contribution and there was a position advertised on the training committee. Within two years I was chair.

“Since I started 10 years ago, thousands of students will have passed through stage 1 and 2 Society qualifications, and I’ve had direct or indirect involvement with most of them."