St Andrews student wins a BPS bursary

A psychology student is on the lookout for study participants after receiving a special grant to conduct research regarding the relationship between attention and memory in older people. Joanne Persson, who is studying for a PhD in the School of Psychology at the University of St Andrews, has been awarded the British Psychological Society's Conference Bursary.

Ms Persson is to attend the Social Psychology conference at the learning institute between August 21st and 23rd.

She is recruiting research participants between the age of 60 and 75 after being inspired to look further into the area of investigation by previous studies that highlighted memory loss in later life as one of the biggest contributors to negative perceptions about growing old.

"This is an opportunity for anyone keen to contribute to this increasingly important area of research in our ageing society," Ms Persson added.

As part of the investigation, participants will be required to complete three memory tasks - in which they need to remember different words, personality traits and pictures - as well as an attention assessment.