Spending time with parents benefits teens

Teenagers benefit significantly from spending time with their parents, new research has suggested. Published in the journal Child Development, the study revealed youngsters often speak to their mothers and fathers when alone with them.

Susan McHale, a Professor of Human Development and Director of the Social Science Research Institute at the Pennsylvania State University, noted: "While adolescents become more separate from their families, they continue to have one-on-one opportunities to maintain close relationships with their parents."

Investigators pointed out the finding that parent-teen time - with nobody else present - increases in early and middle adolescence goes against the stereotype that youngsters grow apart from their mum and dad as they get older.

It was also shown that teens who spend a lot of time alone with their fathers have better general self-worth, while those who hang around with their dad in the company of others often have improved social skills when it comes to conversing with peers.

Chartered Psychologist Dr Hugh Koch comments:

"Primary care giving which includes day to day time together, by either or both parents is crucial. The teenager learns a number of skills including social behaviour, altruism, conflict resolution (or attempts at!), self-disclosure and general problem solving on both a practical and emotional level. If the teenager also sees parents dealing with everyday events, 80 per cent successfully and 20 per cent failing, this enhances the teenagers resilience to do the same. Families come in different shapes and sizes but time spent together is invaluable for the teenagers self esteem and well-being."


i agree with all said above for teen agers and their self esteem. It is well understood that teen agers are more in need of their parents help than any other age group especially when it comes the question of self esteem. 

At this  cruitial time period, one faces many chanllanges and set backs that only involved parents can resolve. Further it must be researched whether teen agers should be exposed to harmful beliefs or not? If any teen ager living in bad society and exposed to bad beliefs; discusses his or her all belief contradictions ;should a parent recommend those ideas to follow or negate them? At first parent must be knoelegeable and intelligent to handle such issues and then they must be aware of the ways how to handle these issues successfully. Some of the beliefs in every socity are not worth believing and acting so parents must tell their children not to follow them. 

what parents do is important but we need to see what parents are not doing. Especially parents ignore their teen agers ideas about life, success, money , sex etc and they donot know how to handle these ideas succussfully. 

My emphasis is like always on subjects ignored areas than done areas. thanks . Dr Mona