Wine drinkers have good taste in music

Music can influence how wine tastes, a study has found. The research, which appears in the Society’s British Journal of Psychology, was undertaken by Professor Adrian North, a Chartered Psychologist from Heriot Watt University.

Professor North examined the taste perceptions of 250 students as they drank wine and listened to music. The findings showed that music consistently influenced participants’ perception of the wine. They believed that the wine had the attributes of the style of music they were listening to.

The mood of each piece of music was determined by a separate test group. Some of the participants enjoyed their wine with music identified as powerful and heavy, others to subtle and refined music, and some to mellow and soft music. Others listened to zingy and refreshing music. A control group drank wine without any musical accompaniment.

The study has attracted significant media interest worldwide, including interest in India, Australia, and the Philippines.  It has also been covered closer to home in the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail.

You can find more about this study - and some suggested wine and music combinations - in the Society’s Research Digest.