Society publishes work-life balance factsheets

Our Division of Occupational Psychology Work-Life Balance Working Group has produced three factsheets tailored to different audiences: individuals, organisations and life coaches. They were laucned at the Division's annual conference in Chester today.

Each sheet explains in clear language what a psychological perspective on work-life balance has to offer, outlines the benefits of considering the topic and ways to address potential risk factors and offers tips for practice.

Professor Gail Kinman from the University of Bedfordshire, who chaired the working group, says:

“We have also taken great pains to write these sheets in clear and accessible language, because it is important for advice on this important subject to be based on the latest evidence for psychological science. Many people rely on self-help books, but they can be of varying quality. ”

You can download the factsheets from the Division of Occupational Psychology website.