Society-funded videos proving a success

A series of videos on mental healthcare, produced with the help of a public engagement grant from the British Psychological Society, is proving a big hit.

Jane Smith from says:

“Typical comments from carers’ organisations are that the films are ‘really helpful for carers’, ‘very good’ and ‘very informative’. One organisation’s coordinator said that there had been many positive comments from carers who appreciated being able to suggest friends and other family members watch the films as a source of non-partisan information. Another mentioned how useful the transcripts are. One organisation’s coordinator wants to use the BPS-supported films during training workshops for carers.”

Visitor numbers to continue to increase. In June, there were 11,367 visitors, and 13 of the 20 most viewed videos that month were films that had been made with the support of the Society grant. This included the most popular film of all: Tom Craig’s “What is schizophrenia?”

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