Social psychologists to meet in Cambridge

Around 180 psychologists are taking part in the Annual Conference of the Society’s Social Psychology Section at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, next week. The Conference, which takes place from 6-8 September, aims to showcase the best social psychological research being carried out across the United Kingdom and internationally, and to stimulate debate within and between traditions.

Among the subject to be discussed are whether Facebook can help students’ transition to university, the link between video game addiction linked with poor work performance, how women deal with the menopause and police tactics before last year’s student riots in Westminster.

The keynote speakers at the conference will be:

  • Remembering social psychology and prejudice
    Professor Susan Condor, Lancaster University
  • Power and Self-Regulation
    Dr Ana Guinote, University College London
  • Vicissitudes of (moral) virtue
    Professor Colin Leach, University of Connecticut
  • Towards a psychology of Global consciousness
    Professor James Liu, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)
  • Moral exclusion and inclusion: Shifts over time
    Professor Susan Opotow, City University of New York

The Social Psychology Section will be presenting Professor Elizabeth Stokoe with a Mid-Career Award in recognition of her distinguished achievements and contributions to social psychology. Professor Stokoe will be presenting a Mid-Career Award Lecture entitled "Social psychology and social interaction: Identities, simulation and application" .

The full programme is available from the conference website: