Social network cheating 'among main divorce reasons'

Cheating via social networking sites is one of the main reasons for divorce, it has been found.

A new survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers has revealed one in five marriage splits involve Facebook.

Photographs and suggestive messages found on the portal are increasingly being used as evidence for unreasonable behaviour or irreconcilable differences in such cases - with many incidences coming as a result of a person getting back in touch with an old flame.

Chartered Psychologist Professor Mark Griffiths, a cyberpsychology expert at Nottingham Trent University, said the report represents the latest example of individuals checking up on their partners by using the latest technologies.

The specialist claimed this is no different to somebody checking their lover's pockets or scrolling through their text messages.

Social networking has been demonised in this regard by some quarters of the media, Professor Griffiths observed, but added it has simply become another tool in people's social armoury.

Last month, Chartered Psychologist and presenter of Taming the Pound at the Society's Psychology for All (Saturday March 26th) Kim Stephenson said financial problems encountered in a relationship can help to strengthen the bond between the couple, rather than break it.