Should internal office emails be banned?

A technology business boss has stated his plans to ban internal email at his organisations will improve his business's dynamic, encouraging employees to communicate internally by other means. Chief Executive of Atos Thierry Breton explained that the younger generation does not use email to interact and he is taking their lead to improve his own operations.

The leader explained his proposal is part of his Wellbeing AT Work initiative, which has been running for three years and is made up of a knowledge network comprising of new talents in the company.

Their mission is to provide innovative ideas to enhance conditions in the workplace in addition to their usual duties.

Mr Breton - who has headed up multinational organisations including Thomson, France Telecom and the Bull Group - noted the reaction to removing internal email was positive and added he employs 500 young people who are not using such systems anymore and "they just love it".

Occupational Psychologist Kisane Prutton said that it is true modern-day workers are suffering from data-deluge and are struggling to manage their workloads.

"If what Mr Breton is suggesting can overcome these problems, this has to be positive step forward on the well-being-at-work agenda," she added.