'Response needed' to Educational Psychologist training consultation

People in the UK have been urged to respond to a government Green Paper aimed at making the training of educational psychologists a more secure area.

Dr Jane Leadbetter, Chair of the British Psychological Society's Division of Educational and Child Psychology, a Senior Educational Psychologist and a Tutor in Educational Psychology, has called on people to take part in the consultation, entitled Support and Aspiration: A New Approach to Special Educational Needs and Disability.

The expert noted: "There are serious concerns that many educational psychology posts are being lost in Local Authority EP Services at the present time due to the swinging cuts being implemented by local authorities in order to meet government spending targets."

"This is at a time when the Green Paper notes the value of educational psychologists and the intention to review their role and training."

"Therefore a concern over the loss of experienced professionals, plus lack of certainty over recruitment is presenting a potentially critical situation."

Her comments come in response to figures noted by Sarah Teather MP who, when responding to a question regarding the number ofeducational psychologists serving in England today, highlighted the January 2009 Annual Survey of Teachers in Service and Teacher Vacancies showed 1,156 such full-time posts were filled.

Full details of the scope of the review and how to respond to the Green Paper consultation can be found on the Department for Education's website. Those wishing to participate in the review or request further information may contact: [email protected]