Resilience education makes people happier

Character strength training can make people feel happier, new research has suggested. Investigators from the University of Zurich found these types of programmes might boost a person's sense of wellbeing by providing a lift in curiosity, humour, enthusiasm, optimism and gratitude.

Willibald Ruch, Rene Proyer and Claudia Buschor from the Department of Personality and Assessment at the learning institute, discovered individuals reported a higher level of life satisfaction when training character strengths - traits that are viewed as being positive from a moral perspective.

Mr Ruch, who is a Professor of Personality and Psychology and Diagnostics at the university, explained people who trained in this manner saw their sense of wellbeing markedly improve, adding: "This manifested itself in the fact that these participants were more cheerful or more often in a good mood, for instance."

In addition, it was found the participants who gained the most from training were those who learned how to manage their feelings while also developing the most enthusiasm.

Chartered Psychologist Dr Tom Fawcett comments: "The research brief provides an indication that ' positive psychological interventions have an important contribution to a sense of overall well being'. More research is required to support this and follow up studies are ongoing."