Cardiff FC's red strip may improve fortunes

The performance of a footballer could be affected by the colour of his kit and that of the opposition. Dr Iain Greenlees, a Chartered Psychologist, has noted research suggests the hue of a strip might well have a bearing on a team's ability to win - an issue currently up for debate due to the decision of Cardiff City Football Club to switch from blue shirts to red ones.

After initially abandoning the change when fans of the club voiced their disapproval, the Malaysian owners decided to return to the idea and confirmed the swap from blue to red, as well as a new badge design.

And while Cardiff City noted the move has been made to extend the appeal of the club internationally, Dr Greenlees explained Olympic martial artists tend to be more successful when wearing red than those sporting blue.

On the football pitch, moreover, players in red are perceived more positively than their counterparts in white, with Dr Greenlees explaining: "Bill Shankly famously decided to change the Liverpool Football Club kit to all-red due to the belief that it made the team look bigger and more intimidating."