Psychology of women explored in Windsor


The Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society’s Psychology of Women Section takes place at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, between 11 and 13 July 2012.

The themes of the conference are:


  • Women and austerity
  • Feminism and media
  • Feminism and sport
  • Feminism and trans-feminism


More than 80 psychologists are expected to attend over the three days, enjoying a programme of papers, symposia, posters and workshops. 

There will be three keynote speakers at the conference:

Professor Vikkie Krane, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, on ‘The heteronormative landscape of elite women’s sport’.

Professor Sharlene Hesse-Biber, University of Michigan, on ‘Applying feminist principles of praxis to interrogate austerity policies and their impact on women's lived experiences’.

Natacha Kennedy on ‘Cisgenderism: A cultural process of exclusion’.

The first evening will see a performance by Dr Kitrina Douglas from the University of Bristol of Signals and Signs, which explores questions about creative analytic practice through reflecting on her own journey to writing songs from research data.