Psychology of women experts to meet

The Society’s Psychology of Women Section is holding its annual conference this week. Psychology experts and feminist academics from around the world will meet at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, from 13 to 15 July to issues and the latest research.

The keynote speakers will be:

  • Professor Jan Burns, Cantbrbury Christchurch University:
    "Psychology of women in the UK: Toxin or tonic?"
  • Professor Michelle Fine, City University of New York:
    "Shrinking state, engorging breasts: How girls and women become hyperresponsible and punished when the state retreats from collective well-being"
  • Dr Gail Lewis, Open University:
    "In the absence of truth at least not the lie: Travels toward self, other and relatedness"

Other research being presented includes papers on the menopause, flirting at work and body hair.