Psychology student in diabetes research bid

A psychology student from the University of Bath is hoping to secure greater funding for research relating to type 1 diabetes. Elizabeth Sheils will head to Westminster with 60 other adults and children with the condition to lobby for more investment in this area.

Ms Sheils - who is a youth ambassador with the charity Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - is hoping to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes when she meets with MPs on April 25th.

She pointed out that while £51 million was given to try and find a cure for diabetes in 2009, just £6 million of this related to the type 1 variation.

"Diabetes as a whole is currently the subject of much political attention, but the differences between type 1 and type 2 are rarely distinguished," Ms Sheils - who was diagnosed with the condition aged five - went on to point out.

She added greater awareness of type 1 diabetes is required, as there are many misconceptions, especially among younger people, incorrectly suggesting it is caused by eating too many sweets or being overweight.