Psychology of older people conference

Glasgow is to play host to a conference between a group of specialists in the field of psychology of the elderly. The Faculty of Psychology Experts Working with Older People of the British Psychological Society's Division of Clinical Psychology is holding its annual meet, entitled Haste Ye Back, at the Lorne Hotel in Glasgow on June 16 and 17.

Renowned Psychologists from across the UK will be in attendance at the event, which will also feature a workshop on two therapeutic approaches to help those caring for dementia patients by Professors Maria Marquez-Gonzalez and Andres Losanda Baltar from Madrid.

Other speakers at the gathering include Professor Keith Miller, Professor Kate Davidson, Dr Stephanie Crawford, Dr Arlene Astell, Dr Donna Gilroy, Dr Ken Laidlaw and Dr Daniel Collerton.

Dr Elizabeth Balkie of the organising committee said: "This conference is timely following the announcement by Nicola Sturgeon, Health Minister for Scotland, that treating older people with care and compassion was a personal priority."

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A recent study funded by the Economic and Social Research Council suggested an active social life and keeping mobile are important factors in the general wellbeing of the elderly.