Psychologists on the erosion of childhood

Several Society members were among the signatories of a letter to the Daily Telegraph about the erosion of childhood in modern Britain. This follows an earlier letter published by the newspaper five years ago and signed by more than 100 assorted experts on childhood.

Today's letter says:

"Although parents are deeply concerned about this issue, the erosion of childhood in Britain has continued apace since 2006. Our children are subjected to increasing commercial pressures, they begin formal education earlier than the European norm, and they spend ever more time indoors with screen-based technology, rather than in outdoor activity. The time has come to move from awareness to action."

It then goes on to list a number of actions the signatories wish to see organisations and concerend individuals take.

Among the signatories of this second letter is Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, whose film The Connected Baby was produced with the help of a public engagement grant from the Society,