Psychologist helps in GB rowing success

A sports psychologist has played an important part in Britain's rowing success in the Olympics. The team enlisted the help of Dr Chris Shambrook - a graduate from the University of Brighton and member of the British Psychological Society - in 1997 and he has worked with the rowers ever since, The Argus reports.

Among the team's top performers were Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, who won Britain's first gold medals thanks to victory in the women's pair.

Dr Shambrook told the newspaper: "Helen and Heather prepared brilliantly – this could not have happened to two more deserving people."

He explained Olympians need to be obsessed with performance, adding they must always think about winning by "being constantly on top of things, being on top of your competitors".

In rowing in particular, Dr Shambrook explained it is important athletes get into the right frame of mind, with everyone in a team being clear in their thinking and responding as one, especially when under significant pressure.