Psychologist co-author of Lancet report

There needs to be a greater focus on the reasons why some young people carry out suicidal thoughts while others decide against going through with such ideas, it has been suggested. Chartered Psychologist Professor Rory O'Connor of the Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory at the University of Stirling also noted rates of such behaviour are too high in the UK.

The British Psychological Society Associate Fellow was speaking as a new Lancet Series paper was published looking into the connections between self-harm and suicide in adolescents.

Produced by Professor O'Connor, Professor Keith Hawton and Dr Kate Saunders of the University of Oxford's Centre for Suicide Research, the report highlights concerns about the role played by the media, claiming this impact does not necessarily have to be negative.

Professor O'Connor noted: "To prevent adolescent suicide and self-harm, it is also important that we better understand why some young people who have thoughts of suicide do not act on these thoughts."

He added, however, that other youngsters sadly do act on these feelings and too many youngsters are deciding to take their own lives.