Proposed new Society Sections are seeking your support

Three proposed new Society Sections are currently seeking members to support their formation. With each needing to show the support of one per cent of Society members, and with our membership now exceeding 50,000, they must win the support of more than 500 supporters.

The three putative Sections are:

Cyberpsychology Section - the proposed Cyberpsychology Section has an applied focus encompassing psychological phenomena associated with all emerging technologies, but with a particular focus on the Internet. This can include digital gaming effects, online identity and groups, personality in virtual worlds, effects of the Internet and associated activities, online learning and social networking in cyberspace.

Defence and Security Section - the aim of the Defence and Security Section is to promote a depth of understanding through multifaceted discussion, sharing of knowledge and investigation. The scope of the Section is broad, embracing of psychology from clinical, through cognitive and neuro-scientific, to occupational and human factors. Defence and Security is considered to be a domain of overlapping concerns arising from military, political, economic, criminal and legal activities affecting the wellbeing of the nation.

Male Psychology Section - for a number of years now, there has been a growing awareness that some issues affect men and boys more than women and girls. One obvious example is that suicide rates are roughly three times higher in men than women. Despite this and other important gender differences there has been relatively little attention paid to why males are disproportionately affected by these serious issues.

In each case follow the link to learn more about the proposed Section and register your support for its establishment.