Our President attends American convention

Leaders in psychology from around the world have attended the 2012 American Psychological Association (APA) Annual Convention. Among those present at the Presidents' Initiative - which saw leading figures from national psychology associations outside the US brought together under one roof - were Dr Peter Banister and Dr Carole Allan, President and Vice-President of the British Psychological Society respectively.

A total of 27 Presidents and Officers from 19 organisations took part in the event, which saw them discussing both psychology in their own country and more broadly as a discipline.

Dr Allan of the British Psychological Society explained there is a movement in the UK aiming to bring mental health funding on a par with that enjoyed by physical health services.

Representatives from the UK and Australia - where psychology is included within systems under the health care sector - noted increasing opportunities in these countries are arising that go beyond mental health services.

One of the overall conclusions of the event is that psychology is enjoying rapid growth in most countries represented at the conference, with Reza Zamani, Past President of the Iranian Psychological Association, noting: "The last 30 years have changed a lot for psychology ... Everywhere in the public media, people are referencing psychology and quoting psychologists."