The positive side of video games

Although some research has suggested a link between violent video games and aggression, causation cannot be proved, says Impacts of Video Games - a briefing note for parliamentarians published by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology. The note was produced in partnership with the British Psychological Society.

Video games are classified by age appropriateness and regulation is moving towards a single, mandatory age-rating system for games in physical formats. The industry continues to self-regulate online games and mobile gaming apps.

The briefing points out: “Just as exposure to violence in films, television and the internet can be upsetting, so can violence in games, and that is why content in games is age restricted.”

However, effective use of age verification technologies and parental controls to ensure children’s game safety remains a challenge.

And, while a small minority may play video games excessively, there are no firm criteria for diagnosing video game addiction.